Formula of the future

Kenovitamin® cooperates with farmers, distributors of products for agriculture, veterinary surgeons, feed plants as well as science and research centres. As a result of regular improvement of formulations and introduction of innovations, the Kenovitamin® brand is more and more recognisable and valued by customers. Best and stable quality, prompt deliveries and trust – this is our motto.


Milk replacers

This is a new generation of milk replacers, diversifying protein components.


Kenopower is the highest quality line of feeds for cows with high production capacity.

Protein correctors

Compound feed intended for correcting NON GMO protein content.

Mixed feeds

They contain the highest quality amino acid chelates and minerals in a protected and easily digestible form.

Feeds for calves

Kenovitamin® mixed feeds for calves and young farm animals are an excellent start for a young generation of animals.

Energy correctors

Compound feed for raising energy


Kenovitamin® concentrates have highly digestible protein components, including feed yeast.

Specialized feeds

Feeds: Kenostart Carotin, Kenopausa, Predator K!, Kenoyeast, Kenoketo EXTRA, Kenoketo.


The dedicated product line Vetaclusive Line is a range of modern preparations.