Milk replacers NON GMO

Celtilait – Innovative formula

This is a new generation of milk replacers that differentiate protein components. Containing a system of digestive stimulating enzymes that give safety of use.


  • colostrum: 3 liters for the first time, 2 liters twice a day for the 3rd day,
  • milk replacer: minimum 40kg / calf,
  • returning: 10 weeks,
  • starter for calves: 1.5 kg when stopping the preparation,
  • then up to 2.5 kg and a change to solid feed for calves,
  • weight 100kg at week 10, 200kg at week 26.


  • in the absence of natural colostrum or its poor quality (measured with a sulfur meter) within the first 8 hours, Celtilait colostrum should be given,
  • should be used prophylactically in the first 7 days of life Celtilait electrolytes, in the event of diarrhea, switch to Celtilait electrolytes as the only went,
  • Celtilait dry disinfectant should be used regularly.

Milk replacers


Celtilait Fitmilk

Milk replacer for feeding immediately after colostrum. The innovative formula of the products makes it ideal for cool rearing of calves (farm rearing), as well as on farms struggling with persistent calf diarrhea. The high content of dairy products affects high daily calf growth. Probiotic protects against diarrhea.

Celtilait S.E.

Milk replacer intended for feeding directly after colostrum. Excellent quality at a moderate price. The high digestibility of the components used makes it very safe and good
absorbed. Very good solubility in water.

Celtilait CM0 1

Milk replacer intended for feeding from the 14th day of life. Ideally suited for later rearing of calves and for rearing bulls for further fattening. Very good solubility. contains
probiotic bacteria.

Lenmilk Economy

Milk replacer with linseed is intended for calving calves from 2-5. week of life depending on the condition of the calves. It can be used until the end of the drinking period. The preparation contains all vitamins, micro- and macroelements necessary for calves in optimal amounts and addition of specially selected acidifying substances that reduce the risk of diarrhea.


Prevents dehydration and reduces diarrhea. Transistop is an electrolyte rich in Na +, K +, Ca ++, Mg ++ cations. Administer prophylactically or when diarrhea occurs in calves.

Preparation and administration

Preparation for calves:
The preparation should be dissolved in water at 50°C in an amount of 100 – 125g/l of water. Calves should be given a milk replacer at 38°C – 40°C. Utensils and devices for mixing the preparation must be kept absolutely clean. The preparation bag must always be tightly closed.