Vitamin and mineral mixtures

AminoLak line

They contain the highest quality amino acid chelates and minerals in a protected and easily digestible form. Appropriate balance allows for maximum performance. Thanks to the AminoLak complex, reproductive indicators and dairy cow health are improved.

Premium line

Feed line for cows with high production potential. These feeds are based on soy. They are characterized by high protein digestibility and a high content of minerals and vitamins. Kenopower have a high level of intestinal protein, and ensures optimal milk parameters.

Suprima line

Specialized Suprima mixtures for dairy cows.
Products: Kenobioplex Non Gmo, Laktosomik Plus, Kenosomat Plus Non Gmo, Laktorum Max, Kenobufor Extra Non Gmo, Kenomineral Mg Non Gmo, Laktomineral Non Gmo, Kenobufor Mix Non Gmo.

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