Energy correctors

Compound feed intended for increasing energy

Energy Corrector – Thanks to a properly balanced distribution of starch (baypass starch) and sugars, it improves the use of nutrients from roughage and reduces the occurrence of acid.

Kenoprotek are Kenovitamin® concentrates for dairy cows. Thanks to the content of highly digestible protein components, including feed yeast, they increase the daily milk yield of cows. Their use increases the intake of dry matter dose and reduces the occurrence of acidosis. Kenoprotek products can be used to prepare your own feed, for direct feeding and feeding with the TMR system.


EnorgoMAX complementary feed is intended for feeding high-performance dairy cattle. Due to the very high energy content (starch and raw fat), it is recommended for feeding during the early lactation period and with a low proportion of maize silage.


Kenosoyfat complementary feed is intended for feeding dairy cows in the initial period of lactation. Use from 3 weeks before calving to 100 days of lactation. Due to the high content of intestinal protein, protected fat and amino acids, it reduces the occurrence of metabolic diseases, reduces energy deficit.