Feeds for calves

Compound feed for calves and breeding adolescents

Kenovitamin® compound feed for calves and breeding adolescents is a great start for the young generation of animals in your herd. They are based on the highest quality components, have high digestibility and excellent taste guaranteeing good collection. They contain ingredients that contribute to the rapid and proper development of the rumen, reduce the occurrence of diarrhea and stimulate animal immunity.


Granulati muesli
The highest quality mixed feed with the addition of whole grains of corn and oats, containing dairy products and enriched with sodium butyrate. Whole grains significantly stimulate the rumen to grow faster, and butyric acid increases the surface area of ​​intestinal villi on the distal sections of the gastrointestinal tract of calves. Kenobaby SUPER SMAK provides fast and proper growth and development of animals. It should be given at will, from the 3rd day to about the 3rd month – until undigested grains appear in the droppings (a sign of rumen maturity). When this happens, change the mix to Kenojunior 2.

Kenojunior 1 STARTER NON GMO

Compound feed for calves and breeding adolescents, based on high-quality cereal and mineral components. It contains the addition of butyric acid, which has a positive effect on the development of intestinal structures and a special BIOMOS system that forms complexes with gastrointestinal pathogenic bacteria and significantly reduces the occurrence of diarrhea in calves. Serve from 3 days to 3 months of age. Feed for the first 2 months at will,
from the 2nd month 1 to 3kg per day per unit.

Kenojunior 2 NON GMO

A high-quality compound feed for calves and breeding adolescents. It ensures proper development, health and high growth in animals. Serve from 14 days to 6 months of age. For the first 2 months, feed as much as you like, from the 3rd month 1 to 3kg per day per unit. Kenojunior 2 is also great as a continuation feed after starters.